Why I Love Fanfiction but Hate OOC

Shannii Writes

Fanfiction is a wonderful thing. In fact, the first piece of writing I ever published online was aVampire Academyfanfiction when I was thirteen. It was my own take on the story, designed to give me an outlet for my personal desires for the series, and express who I thought Rose should have ended up with in the end. I tried my best to stick to Richelle Mead’s tone and writing style, and made sure that I had a clearreasonwhy things were different in my version of the story. From conception to the final product, it took me a long time to be completely happy with my work because I wanted to make sure, even at the age of thirteen, that I was showing as much respect as possible to the original text and the author. To be honest, looking back I, am thoroughly embarrassed with the…

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Creating Positive Female Characters

Shannii Writes

A few years ago, I was doing my AS-Level in Media Studies, and we were given a coursework assignment to make a two-minute film opening. We all split off into groups, and I ended up working with two other girls. Of course, studying Media made us all hyper-aware of the fact that a lot of women are given a somewhat bad name in films and television, so we were adamant about portraying a strong female character. With that in mind, we got to work planning and creating a storyboard, sure we would be able to represent a woman who didn’t adhere to the typical limiting conventions.

The first thing we did was discuss our protagonist. Naturally, it would have to be a woman. She would be strong-willed and independent, resourceful and brave. She would put her mission before her feelings because that’s what we thought would make her comparable to men…

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